Wallaroo Community: A Quick Setup Guide for Google Cloud Kubernetes Environment

Prerequisites for GCP before Starting

  • A Google Cloud account
  • A Wallaroo Community license file
  • Enabled Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Enabled Google Compute Engine (GCE)
  • Gcloud “CLI” or “init” installed and running on your local system
  • Kubectl and kots installed

Installing GCP for your Kubernetes Environment

Step 1: Creating a Network

gcloud compute networks create wallaroo-community-network --bgp-routing-mode regional --subnet-mode custom
gcloud compute networks list

Step 2: Creating a Wallaroo Cluster

gcloud container clusters create wallaroo-ce \--region us-central1 \--node-locations us-central-f \--machine-type e2-standard-8 \--network wallaroo-community-network \--create-subnetwork name=wallaroo-subnet-1 \--enable-ip-alias

Step 3: Setting Up the Nodepools


Step 4: Retrieving the Kubernetes Credentials

gcloud container clusters get-credentials wallaroo-ce --region us-central1
kubectl get nodes

Step 5: Installing into your Kubernetes Environment

kubectl create namespace wallaroo
kubectl kots install wallaroo/ce --namespace wallaroo



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